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The Odd Partners are true legends. In the mid 1970s this Brooklyn based crew established themselves as one of the most successful bombing crews in the history of NYC writing. MICKEY aka TO 729 (rip) (Founding president) and JAMES TOP aka JEE 2 (Second president) provided the leadership of the crew. Membership has included HURST aka OI (rip), SID the KID, CRAZY DIKE and HATE 168 of The Boys. IN aka KILL 3 from the Bronx also put up TOP. They dominated the Js, Ms, LLs, and also created a legendary presence all city. They created clean block letters and bombed with throw ups, causing major damage between 1975 to 1978.

hate dike hurst
Jee HULK Jee

This record holding crew, was instrumental in defining bombing standards for two letter throw-up names. In addition to core membership many other legendary writers joined the ranks of TOP. HERB 99, SPEAR aka DS, CUSTOM 2, DEAN aka LE aka KO, NOC 167, JESTER aka DY 167, TEE ONE, STIM ONE, MOVIN aka TI 149 and IZ the WIZ to name a few. Later generations of TOP went on to create CIA. Writers like DONDI (rip), SID, AERON, DURO, HULK, FLIN, and SAIN.

In 1999 JAMES TOP orchestrated a memorial honoring the life and works of the late TOP member Donald J. White aka DONDI.

To JAMES TOP interview conducted November 1999. To JAMESTOP profile.

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