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Aliases: KINO, SONO, WINK, DIRTY 130, RAUL, LEAN Started:1971
Primary affiliations:
CIA, TOP, News Breakers, ROCSTARS, RTW Local origin: Brooklyn
Areas hit: IRTs, INDs, BMTs Main lines: Js, LLs, Ms, 5s, 2s, As, CCs

DURO started writing in 1971 under the name TRACK 111. He was known later as SONO. He was one of CIA's most prolific members and an all time insides king. His intense bombing during the late 1970s helped secure CIA's hold of the Js, LL and M lines on the BMT division. He also hit the A and CC insides. DURO was equally focused on quality and quantity. In addition to saturating the insides he did many burners and top to bottom whole cars. He also helped elevate CIA's status on the 2 and 5 lines on the IRT division.

He was granted vice presidency of CIA by DONDI in 1980. He is also vice president of TOP (Transit Original Printers). After an invitation from DONDI to participate in a televised news event, DURO launched News Breakers. News Breakers was not actually a crew, but an appendage representing his status in the media. In addition to his work with CIA he was also a prolific member of the ROCSTARS crew. He appeared in the film Style Wars and the books Subway Art, City at Play, Vibe's History of Hip Hop and appeared onthe original printing of Getting Up's cover. In December of 1999 DURO participated in a panel focused on subway artists, held at The Whitney Museum of American Art. His work also appeared in the Whitney's The American Century. DURO will also appear in an upcoming documentary on the life of his former partner DONDI White.

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Blackbook pages and M. Cooper photo courtesy of DURO ONE.

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