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The Boys was a crew that was founded in the Bronx and flourished in Brooklyn. The crew was founded with IRT division writers like NINE and MS 161 of the Bronx. HATE 168 also of The Bronx relocated to Brooklyn in the mid '70s. Hate quickly adapted to his new environment. He founded a Brooklyn division of The Boys. This division was very successful. TB shared many members in common with the Odd Partners crew. In the mid '70s he along with HURST, MICKEY, JEE2, SID, CRAZY DIKE dominated the J, M, LL subway lines of the BMT division. HATE's main partner was HURST aka OI. They hit the lines with powerful straight letters and throw-ups. Their painting peaked in 1977. According to HATE almost all his work was done in the LL Yard, which is ironic considering his level of presence on the division.

By 1978 HATE was painting subways less frequently. At this point HATE passed leadership of The Boys on to a newer generation writer named SARO. SARO carried TB with grace. SARO had a lettering style that was more IRT than BMT. SARO was influenced by writers like REPEL and DONDI. With such influnces TB's work was guaranteed to stand out. SARO along with KADO, SMAC aka BR, BH ONE, LORO, DOM and CEL, ensured that TB would retain high level BMT presence.

HATE 168 interview conducted in 1998 by SPAR ONE.

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