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The throw-up is derived from what are known as bubble letters. They developed as a means of creating a representation of the name more substantial than a tag, but less time and paint consuming than a piece.

Art and throw-up may seem like a contradiction in terms, but a well executed throw up is in it self an art form, technically if not aesthetically. A fatcaped outline and misted in fill-in with a complimenting final outline executed with blinding speed is not necessarily an easy task. The following is a listing and display of some of the more memorable of NYC.

Displayed below are the works of IZ, IN, JESTER aka DY, TEE 3yb, DEAN aka LE, CAZ 2 aka CY, MOVIN 2 aka TI 149, MICKEY aka TO 729 rip, VINNY, CAP MPC and MIN aka NE, all of which had a tremendous impact on Writing.

Other throw up kings were AT aka WEO, AW, EX aka KEVIN 97, EL5 aka ROTO NCB, HE 3, PI, SACH RTW, QUIK RTW, OI aka HURST TOP, PEO aka CISCO, MC aka SLY 108, DS aka DYNAMITE SPEAR, PI, and KB aka KRAZY BOY.

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