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The TPA crew was active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The main members of TPA resided in Jamacia Queens. TPA was an all-city crew, writing on all three subway divisions all-city using all techniques including throw-ups, pieces and insides. They were most well known for their abundance of work on the E and F lines. TPA membership has included: DEMO, JOEY/RC,CR, KAP, LUST, EZO, PW, 3MI, FLAME, DJ FUZZ, FUZZ ONE, PEAK, PG 3 R.I.P., BABY 168, PINK, SIR, CER, SCOP, EKO, PUBO, CEK 7, KAP, WISE, VADE R.I.P., SYE, BREAK

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