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This classic crew went through two equally successful encarnations. TNT as The Nasty Two was active in the late 1970s and was founded by CUE and LC aka MON. They eventually opened membership to the crew. The new line up included writers such as HARO aka EN 005, PHADE 2, SEEN TC5, FASE 5, SLAY ONE, GIN, KEMS, SEAP, BAN 2, SOUND SEVEN, DOZE, DEK, 2SWIFT, JEAN 13, MACKIE and ZEPHYR. They mainly hit IRT division subway lines such as the 2s, 5s and 1s and 3s. The second generation (The Nation's Top); active during the early 1980s, had some carry overs from the prior generation as well as SKEME, DEZ, AGENT, MEAN 3, TRAP and DAZE.

LC aka MON 2 interview

PHADE 2 essay

More on TNT in the future.

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