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The Magnificent Two, later more appropriately re-named The Magnificent Team, started off in 1977 in the Tremont section of the Bronx. TMT became known for doing colorful window-down whole cars and VAUGHN BODE characters, particulary on the 2 and 5 lines of the IRT division. TMT also placed equal priority on writing on subway car interiors. They maintained a strong presence on the IRTs and eventually branched out to the IND subway division. 1977-1979 were peak years of activity for TMT.

The TMT crew had many members in common with crews such as MTA, TS5 and TDS. Some of the more high profile members of TMT were TEAN 5, KADE 198, CHAIN 3, VINE, CRANE, 2 SWIFT, TYBU 2 r.i.p., REE aka OPEL, FUZZ ONE, BEST, FED 2, TEEN 125, RATE 125. TMT continued writing into 1980, but by 1981 most of the main members had quit writing.

2much Tbag 170th Rush
bond Lord 138 Best

CHAIN 3, an older and more experienced writer had already earned respect for his style while writing with TDS. His experience became a strong creative force for TMT. Like many artists he had knowledge of and respect for the artists that came before him. It was his ambition to up hold and build upon standards set by writers like PHASE 2, PEL and RIFF 170.

KADE 198 the president of TMT was a younger writer. He learned from CHAIN, but quickly developed his own style. KADE focused on wild style, writing multiple names 2 MUCH, LIME, WOOD 2 and others.

KADE 198 interview

TEAN 5 was KADE's brother frequently wrote under the alias BOND; doing many cars with TMT. Extremely flooded TEAN tags on the IRT insides were a frequent sight.

REE was president of his own crew Mad Transit Artists but also wrote for TMT. REE was known for colorful straight letter top-to-bottom whole cars, many of which were done under the alias OPEL.

BEST also a member of Mad Transit Artists writer had the most unique style in TMT. While other members had individual styles, they could still be labeled TMT style. BEST did very thick wild style letters which were referred to as BEST's style.

FED 2, TEEN 125 and RATE 125 were Broadway (1 line) writers from a crew called The Spanish Five. They along with CHAIN and FUZZ ONE ensured a strong TMT presence on the 1 and 3 lines.

FUZZ ONE was a writer with history going back to the TRACY 168 generation. FUZZ contributed to TMT's reputation for piecing. He also brought in the element of hard core bombing, hitting all seven IRTs and making major insides coverage.

Additional TMT membership has included writers such as NIKE, KF 174, SKEME, DEZ, PE 5, JY, SEK170, GREG 167, PAVO, TAG, SEAP 2, EC 3, TAKE, TAPE, FLO149, MAURICE 167 aka MOORE, MOON, PK 5, REPEL and KADO.

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