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The Spanish 5 was a Broadway crew with a strong presence during the late 1970s. The crew had many members in common with the crews MTA,TMT and TDS. The founding president was LEO. Some of the more high profile members were ADROCK (rip), FED 2 aka KOMET, TEEN 125 aka KELSON, MATCH 2 , PAPO, TITO and RATE 125 also known as DJ OC of hip hop recording pioneers, The Fearless Four.

By 1979 most of the original TS5 had quit or dissolved in to TMT and other crews. The early 1980s saw a revival of The Spainish Five. STAN ONE was the new president. Membership from this time period included SON of FBA and his brother SEP ONE, CHAZ, DONE ONE aka DE, NATE 125, SWAN ONE, MON, FRESCA 5000, and MIST 2.

Some of the works displayed here were done by TS5 members while painting for TMT.


DONE ONE Interview Conducted by @149st April 2002

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