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Submitted by PONE 156, 3YB, TCK on behalf of STAN153 1/13/99

When STAN 153RD stopped running the 3YB Crew he formed a group called "MASTER WORKS" in 1975. A friend of STAN's SEC TWO, brought NOC 167 over to STAN's house. At this time they formed MASTER WORKS. The reason Masterworks productions was formed was these Graffiti Artists wanted to not be known just as Graffiti Artists, but also as professional working artists. This was the primary goal behind the formation of this group of talented artists. The members of MASTER WORKS throughout the years have never given up or sold out their graffiti talents.

In 1976, the artists TB ONE AND BAMA were added to the MASTER WORKS roster MASTER WORKS has been through ten generations. With the same philosophy namely the"Each one teach one philosophy." The idea is simple. It means that the teachers teach everything they know to up and coming artists. These artists teach the teachers whatever they know. The results are extraordinary to say the least.

These artists would work together and get professional jobs as a group collective. When they started in 1975 it was difficult to get work. The problem was that most people saw them as "Graffiti Artists" only. In their eyes they couldn't picture hiring "Graffiti Artists" for professionally commissioned jobs. Soon however the work started to roll in. They got quite a few great commissions. MASTER WORKS has done work for the Heavy Metal band "Twisted Sister" on an album "Come out and Play." They have done work for a company called Subterainia Design Works. In addition they have done projects with ARTS DOLORES NEWMAN. MasterWorks has had numerous visual art shows spanning across the United States and in Europe.

This is all for now. So until the next time, Peace, Love, and a big shout out and props go to NOC 167 aka MEL TEL.

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STAN 153 NOC 167

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