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3yb started during the early '70s in the Three Yard in Harlem with members like JACE 2,
STAN 153 and ROME 150. 3yb expanded to all city during the mid '70s with writers like CLIFF 159, JESTER, PEACE 108,TEE, STIM among others. 3yb became quite possibly the most famous bombing crew ever. This crew had more true all city kings than almost any crew in history.
Other writers to put up 3yb were DUKE 9 , AFX2, DIABLO,TERO, IN, DEAN, SLAVE, DISCO, ROGER, CHINO 174, BEN 167, KODAK 2 and many others. As with other prestigious crews, 3yb fell victim to loose recruitment. Writers would put up 3yb because a friend of a friend of a recruiter said they could. This made it difficult to determine which writers had obtained legitimate membership.

In the late 1990s STAN 153 resurrected 3yb with contemporary talent such as KEO and others.

DISCO interview conducted 1999 by @149st

KODAK interview conducted June 2003 by @149st

More on 3yb in the future.

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