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The EX VANDALS, was the one of the earliest organized crews in the history of aerosol art dedicated "exclusively" to writing. In 1970 a group of writers, mostly students from Brooklyn's Erasmus Hall High School decided to write as a unit. Under the leadership of DINO NOD, they came up with a concept of prioritizing the crew name over their individual own names. During their initial efforts as a group they did not write their own names at all. They just wrote "Ex Vandals". After having established an alure, they went on to a second phase. The second part of the plan was to reveal membership. Each time they would tag their own name they would append it with "Ex Vandals". This approach to writing was groundbreaking. It would increase their public exposure at a significantly faster rate than by writing as Individuals. The organized writing crew would go on to become one of the central elements in aerosol art culture.


Their names appeared all over the city's streets during a time when street gangs strictly enforced ownership of turf. In addition to writing prolifically, they also targeted areas that were difficult and dangerous to access. Such action furthered their allure. They quickly became among New York City's most famous writers, firmly establishing their place in graffiti history. DINO NOD eventually took a less active role in leadership. WICKED GARY took up the task with ease, bombing and expanding membership. Membership of the original Ex Vandals included: DINO NOD, WICKED GARY, WICKED WESLEY, KING OF KOOLS, CONRAD IS BAD, FLIN and BIG TIME GLASS TOP. Additional membership has included STAN 153, BAMA aka AMRL, COWBOY, STONEY and others. The Ex Vandals expanded with a Bronx division led by PHASE 2.


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