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Wild Style was an early to mid-1970s Bronx based way-of-life/crew originated by TRACY 168. WS was most active on the IRT subway division, but the work of this crew could be seen on most subway lines. Some of their most famous paintings appeared on the 4, 5 and 2 lines. It was one of the most progressive and admired groups of the time. As with many prestigious crews many writers who were not officially inducted began to write Wild Style after their names.

Many WS members were from TRACY's earlier crew WANTED. Listed here are a few writers associated with Wild Style and WANTED. P NUT 2, KING 2, CHI CHI 133, FDT 56, CHARLIE 158, LIONEL 168, ZEST, CLIFF 159, LEE 163rd, PHASE 2, FJC IV

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