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The VIC crew was most active during the mid 1980s on the BMT subway division. They balanced their writing efforts between pieces, throw-ups on the subway car exteriors and tags on the interiors. PEAK served as the crew president. DEK, SY, PEAK and PG aka PGISM (rip) were some of the crew's more prolific members.

In the late 1990s the VIC crew made a come back. The revitalized VIC crew included veteran members like PEAK and PG (rip) as well as newer generation writers Such as ADER. The female writers DIVA, HOPE and DONA were also counted among the ranks. Members like PEAK, REVS, and ADER implemented a tunnel bombing campaign. Armed with bucket paint and rollers they painted the walls of many NYC subway tunnels. DONA, EZO, PEAK, DIVA and HOPE contributed to a street bombing effort which included roller letters, tags and throw-ups. The crew also painted many elaborate murals throughout the city.

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