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TNS aka The Non Stopers was a crew based on Mahattan's Lower East Side. The crew was formed in late 1979 and early 1980. EL3 (RIP) was the president. Membership included: LUS ONE (Vice Pres), RICH 2, SEC (RIP), LUCK, VFR, SNIPER, LEC ONE, BK ONE, LA2, HEC, BYE (RIP), LON (RIP), RO 2, SE 3, REN, NES (RIP), SOE, FIN 56, SPAR aka LED 2, DEN, DC (RIP), REVEAL, DY3, PR and JOCK. They hit mainly with insides and throw ups on BMT and IND lines (RRs, Ns, Ms Js LLs, Ds Es, Fs) during the early 1980s. They were particularly effective on the E, F and D lines.

TNS was one of the Lower East Side's largest crews of the time period. A unique aspect of the crew is that it counted membership form Lower East Side neighborhoods that held long and violent rivalries. EL 3 brought together writers from as far north as Alphabet City and as far south as The Alfred E. Smith Houses. The crew's official headquarters was located at a tenemant bulding 199 Henry Street. The property was abandon and TNS claimed it as its own. 199 served as a meeting place and even a home for members of TNS and their guests. Two of the more prolific TNS members; EL 3 and RICH 2 became friends with MIN ONE and other members of RTW and expanded throughout the city. LA 2 became wel-known for his collaborative works with the late pop artist Keith Haring.

Despite EL 3's untimely death in the summer of 1983, RICH 2, SOE TNS, and others continued maintaining the TNS crew. VFR a later era crew member became well known for prolific street bombing, peaking in the 1990s.

More details on TNS in the future.

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