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TMB has a long history and has gone through many incarnations since it was founded. The original TMB started in approximately 1974 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the Barauch Housing Projects and a near by family shelter known as The Castle. Many of the original members never wrote on trains. Bombing local parks, school yards and sanitation trucks. Among the early transit TMBs were WEO aka AT, CJ, CAZ 2 aka CY, CISCO aka PEO short for PEOPLE 2 and IZ the WIZ, who would maintain the crew to present day.


WEO was the original president of the crew . He overtook many IRT and BMT subway lines writing the throw-up name AT. During 1978 he and CAZ 2 overtook the IRT 1 line (a line known for elaborate burners.) with throw-ups.

CJ, WEO's brother hit the same lines as the other members of the TMB crew but terminated his career much earlier.

CL was from an area of the Lower East Side called The Hill. CL started off hitting RRs in the Bowery lay-up and did a few whole cars with LEE TF5 on the 5 line. During 1978 and 1979 CL did a major bomb on the F line under the alias L7. Writers from all over the city thought it was LEE TF5. Many writers read it as 17 and speculated that it was LEE's age. LEE was actually 18 at the time. The rumors started due to the fact that LEE did a L7 and LEE piece on the doors of a local junior high school.

CISCO was from East 10th street on Manhattan's Lower East Side. CISCO took king of the Es and Fs doing PEO throw-ups several times in the late 1970s. CISCO also hit IRTs. He did pieces on the 2s and 5s and bombed the 6 line with PEO throw-ups.

CAZ TWO was from the Barauch Houses and was very popular because of his other Hip Hop pursuit; DJaying. Known as DJ FREDDIE B along with his partner DJ MASTER LEE (not LEE Quinones), were Lower East Side Hip Hop pioneers. CAZ would form a partnership with IZ THE WIZ going all-city. They gained a great deal of attention when they went to the 2 and 5 lines. The many elaborate whole cars they painted threatened the thrones of established IRT writers.

IZ THE WIZ, a true legend and all-city king. He was originally from Queens, but lived on 6th and 7th Streets on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a brief time. He joined forces up with TMB around 1976. IZ continued to write as most TMBs retired. IZ created famous subway paintings such as the rock star memorial whole cars with LADY PINK. As current TMB president he makes ensures TMB lives with newer members including SAR and STAR. IZ is one of the most prolific writers of all time.

SACH a member of TMB active during the late 1970s and early 1980s ranks among New York City's top all-city kings.Also bombing under the name SH, he was a major presence on all three subway divisions.

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