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The Graffiti Force Mob was founded in 1980 in Mount Vernon, New York by LEROY 444. Their main targets in the New York City transit system were the IRT 1, 2 and 5 lines as well as the CC line of the IND division. Original crew membership Included: OZZIE, MR. ED, SCORP, AK ROCK, CARIBU, ESCAPE aka KEV ONE, CREAM 3, WAR 222, DEROC, and JOP 1.
The crew's most famous subway painting was and end to end parody of the film Ghost Busters entitled Toy Busters. The painting was done by LEROY, OZZIE and SCORP.

The crew disbanded in 1989 as the transit graffiti era came to its unofficial close. OZZIE, LEROY 444 and REM 311 are still actively painting street walls, and some freight trains.

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