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The Fantastic Partners is a Bronx based crew formed during the early 1970s and exists to this day. Counted among the early members are BOT 707 and his brother SOLID 1, ERA 165, SAL 2000, VOE 56, PROF 165, STICK 1, KINDO, HINT 707, HASH 161, HYDRA, SLUG and DOE aka DERBY. Two of the most famous members were BUTCH 2 and CASE 2. This partnership made major contributions to the whole car phenomenon on the 2s and 5s. They did it all top to bottoms, scenery, characters and incredible lettering.

SOLID ONE's life was cut short due to an accident in the subway. FUZZ ONE, another famous TFP member ensured SOLID would not be forgotten by doing countless numbers of SOLID pieces in his honor.


TFP is possibly the oldest crew that is still active, much credit is due to CASE 2 "King of Style". CASE embodies everything young writers idolize . A fierce respect commanding physical presence, go for broke attitude, legendary status and endless lettering ability. Through out the years CASE has quit and comeback many times. During these periods CASE always mentored new talent, ensuring the CASE 2 and TFP style remained active. PHADE 2 is a CASE student who was one of the original members the crew TNT.

One of the most committed CASE followers was SENT ONE. SENT took TFP beyond All-City, beyond National (freight trains), SENT took TFP Global. SENT coloborated with with writers from all over Europe. SENT also maintained TFP localy in the Clean Train Movement. Among present day TFP members are CASE 2, SENT, CAMP, NOAH, STAK, SPAR ONE, PURE, CAVS, BLUE, ATOME of Australia, DELTA of KAMI of Spain, EASE of Maimi and Germany's MILK and NEON.

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