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The president of The Crew was one of New York City's all time bombing kings, JESTER aka DY 167. JESTER started writing in the early 1970s during the tagging era. He continued to write during successive generations. He climaxed during the mid 1970s.JESTER was the name he used mainly for piecing and tagging. DY 167 and DYE were names he used primarily for throw ups (an area in which he excelled.) He took king over too many lines to count.

Another heavy hitter for TC was MOVIN 2 of Brooklyn. MOVIN bombed all-city with his TI 149 throw-ups. 00One and WIZZ also hit for TC. Other giants such as IZ The WIZ and DEAN helped maintain TC at high levels.TC peaked from 1976 to 1978. Many years later MIN ONE of the RTW crew would revive the TC name.

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