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ROC STARS (Roc On City)
ROC Stars was a crew of very talented writers mostly from the Bronx. The crew was founded by COS 207 aka DRAKE between 1975 and '76. The late SHY 147 (rip) served as vice president. VAN II, AZE and HALLOW were among the original members. Subsequent membership included popular writers such as KEL FIRST, CASE 2, MIN ONE, DURO, MARE 139 and CRASH. The original name for the crew was a clever play on words utilizing the acronym ROC (Roc On City). Stars was added on later by KEL FIRST, voicing the crew's status. 1980 was a peak year for the crew. During this year they produced many classic window down wild style whole cars adorned with a variety of stylized illustrations ranging from Vaughn Bode to hip hop b-boy styled imagery. The IRT 2, 5 and 6 lines were their favorite targets. Members like DURO, MIN and KEL brought the crew name to the BMT and IND subway divisions.

More on ROC Stars in the future.
COS 207 Interview

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A note of respect for SHY 147 (rip)

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COS 207 aka PEL SHY 147 rip Kel 139

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