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Conducted 9/27/00

Where and when did you start (on trains)?
Grand Army Plaza hitting the 4s and 5s insides with LACE. We were known as ESP (East Side Party), 1982.

What borough are you originally from?

Did you have a particular inspiration or mentor(s)?
LACE, BAN 2 and ZIGGY (The Mob).

What lines have you hit?
Started on the 4s and 5s with LACE, then he introduced me to the 6s at Zerega and Castle Hill lay-ups, there I did insides with LACE, SASH, CAYA, NADA, and HOI until I had them all like wallpaper. At that point I bumped into these Astoria cats, who introduced me to the double Rs and many other BMT lines. Astoria cats were RIPE, PK (NOTE), ROST (SAC), FORM, KEN, MAD MAX, and JICE. We destroyed Astoria lay-up's insides for three years, '86-'88. RIPE, my main bombing partner at that point, loved outsides, throw-ups, so I designed a throw-up myself. Me and RIPE then became a team. We hit 6s, Js, Ms, Ds, As, CC flats, 4s, 5s even the fucking JFK express.

What yards and lay ups would you hit?
I've been to every yard and lay-up you can think of. Fort Hamilton Yard, Brighton Beach lay-up, Grant, Fresh Pond Road Yard, The Bronx D Yard, Ghost Yard, Winter Lexington Ave. lay-up in Harlem, Rush Hour lay-up, Grand Army Plaza, Utica, Suther, N and R winter lay-ups under Broadway, lived under the City Hall lay-up, Delancy Street lay-up, etc.

Where and when did 357 start?
In 1985 at LACE's house on the Upper East Side. The reason 357 started was I wrote RD 357 over 156 crew because we had beef. LACE liked the number and started writing over 156 also. So DE3 said lets make it a crew, its got a nice ring to it.

Who were your best partners?
LACE for insides, he was very sneaky and planning. Outsides, fill-ins, RIPE, he was like a biological machine. Whole cars and blockbusters, would be a mix between LACE and KK and DE3, cause they could paint for long periods of time.

357 crew has written for many years. What is their motivation to continue writing?
Putting new jacks in their place, and for the pure love of it.

Are you involved in any form of art outside of writing?
I've worked many years as a decorative artist. I've painted clouds and renaissance angels on the ceiling of Foxwood Casino in Connecticut. I specialize in gold leafing, marblizing and limestoning as well fucking vandalism.

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