NO COMP BOYS Downtown Brooklyn was home to NCB's president, ROTO aka SEL 101 aka EL5 and his brother SNAC. Other members came from different areas of New York City. Membership has included IY 189, DEAN BYB, SLY 108, BB3, GEAR1, SAVAGE aka KB, PINTO1 aka DP 2, IZ THE WIZ aka CI, EASY 1 aka NE163, RED 2, SIKE 112, INCA 1, RR 3, SONIC 002, DEAL NSA, SMOKE aka YE and others. This crew became well known for bombing, particularly for throw-ups and insides. NCB's work could be found on all three subway division, but their main targets were the BMT and IND divisions. NCB's peak years were 1976-1978.


ERIC aka DEAL    

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