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@149st Presents: LEE QUINONES
Lee Quinones was recently commissioned by the Boys Club of New York to paint a mural for their facility in Flushing, Queens. @149st is proud to document the mural's progress.

"This painting to me is a reflection of your potential as a growing young man. It's not a formula painting. Its not a painting that's saying "Just Say No". This is a painting that gives you the options of things that you can be good at, depending on your input. It's not pretentious in any way. What I want to show in this painting is the comforts and vulnerabilities of life, the weaknesses and the strengths of life.

There is a lot of imagery out there that is particularly directed towards young men, that encourages them not to have feelings and it desensitizes you. This painting shows you that you can be big at anything and it doesn't have to be in a heroic, military, machismo way. It could just being a man... a man of your word is bigger than anything else, so that's what it's all about."

--- LEE QUINONES November 15, 2003

View mural progress and details.