Started: 1979 Primary affiliations: LOB, VO5 Local origin: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Areas hit: RRs, Bs, Ds, Ns, Ms.

KAVES started his career in 1979 on the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. By 1980 he had ventured into the New York City subway system. He focused primarily on the BMT and IND subway divisions. His work was seen on the RRs, Ms D, and Ns among other lines. At a young age he quickly became known for his artistic abilities, balancing his work with both style writing and illustration. Examples of which are featured in Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff's landmark book Spraycan Art (1987). He produced many works on the subway and remained active until about 1986.

He is the founder of the Lordz of Brooklyn, a band that pioneered a unique fusion of Hip Hop and Rock. The Lordz of Brooklyn have collaborated with a wide spectrum of artists including Everlast and Busta' Rhymes.

Today KAVES remains extremely active in many fields. He continues his work with The Lordz of Brooklyn and is involved in acting and filmmaking. He also remains loyal to his roots in the graffiti movement. He paints graffiti murals across the city among all-star line ups and runs Brooklyn Made Tattoo- a well-known tattoo shop that specializes in both traditional and graffiti inspired designs.

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KAVES Inrerview Conducted by @149st January 2012.

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