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The Independents, more commonly known as the INDS was a Bronx based crew that was most active during the early to mid 1970s. INDS was founded by the renowned style master PHASE 2. It was an extremely important crew with regard to the history of lettering style. Some of the most accomplished style innovators of the era were members. Many stylistic standards set by INDS members are followed to this day. Writers such as RIFF 170, PEL, STAN 153, BOT 707, NIC 707, LEE 163rd, SUPER KOOL 223, T-REX 131 DICE 198, IN aka KILL 3, SONNY 107, JESTER, ZEST, CLIFF 159, RIP, BIC 149, JR. BIC, COST, CHECKER 170, STICK ONE, and BILLY 167 were associated with the crew.

The crew's work appeared on many subway lines, but their most widely praised works appeared on the IRT division. INDS is with out question counted among the most prestigious crews in the history of aerosol art.

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Pel Riff

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