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This crew has some of the best writers in the world. A leading force in NYC's large scale murals during the mid to late 90s.

The original members of the FX crew are: PER ONE, POSE II, COPE II, KING BEE, NOMAD, SERVE,T-KID. They were the to first paint together as a crew. It was in a school yard on Webster Ave. In the Bronx. POSE II and PER ONE created the name FX.

Originally there was no president for the crew. People were recruited by the other members by voting. Based on skills, fame and personality. Soon after the first walls CES and CLARK were asked to be down. Later on over the next 2 and 3 years other writers put down. By 1994 the cru consisted of PER ONE, POSEII, T-KID, COPE, CES, CLARK, SNOW, SUB, POEM, KING BEE and SERVE.

In the summer of 1995 DAIM,and HESH came to New York. They were introduced to the other members of FX by POEM and where asked to be down. Also LOOMIT had been put down earlier thru POEM. The members of 1998: PER ONE (started writing `79), POEM (`79), CES (`83), SUB (`87), POSE II (`78); DAIM (`89); HESH (`85); LOOMIT (`83), REK and SKE (`84) aus Puerto Rico, T-KID (`74), YES I, (`86), SNOW (`85) TKID, CES, SNOW, SUB, LOOMIT, HESH, and POSE 2

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