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FBA started out of the Washington Heights section of Manhattan in 1978. The crew was comprised of mostly childhood friends from around 140th St. and Broadway. Close proximity made the One Tunnel an natural target. By the early '80s they were one of the most prominent crews on the 1 and 3 IRT lines. They became well known for whole cars with window down wild styles and characters. AIRBORN ONE, TACK, BABYROCK 137, SEP1, ALIVE 5, KAZE and SPADE 127 were some of the founding members. Additional members were RASK, SILO ROCK, KACE 1, SERVE, REPEL 137, SAK, PSYCHO, PANIC 141, SKIM, SAE,CHASE,LIL MAN, ZEAR, ROYCE, WAVE, QUASAR, JASE, DRY, WANE, SEEN, WEST,DOZE,RISK, SON1, ZAME, FLITE, SEAM1, RIZE and DASH 167.

Many members of the crew are still active painting murals on city streets.

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Excerpt from SPADE 127 interview conducted 1/99 by ERIC aka DEAL

Photos: Henry Chalfant, SPADE 127

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