Aliases: Asia, Bus129, Naco, Pose 2, Pre 2, White 761, Wirm, 2Hot, 2Many
Started: Approx. 1975 Primary affiliations: CIA, TOP, MAFIA Local origin: East New York, Brooklyn.
Areas hit: IRTs, INDs, BMTs Main lines: Js, LLs, Ms, 5s,2s, As, CCs

DONDI was a well rounded writer, covering all bases; bombing, whole cars and wild style. He achieved global popularity for his dynamic whole cars via the media, infilms such as Style Wars and books such as Subway Art. He gained respect from his peers by doing major work; tagging prolifically on the insides of all three subway divisions. Though he was a well accomplished whole car master, DONDI's definitive attribute was the mastery of wild style lettering.

DONDI on the BMT
DONDI made considerable accomplishments on the BMT subway division. During the late 1970s DONDI was hitting the BMTs with style and color schemes far more sophisticated than his peers. At this point in time skilled writers like the Prisoners Of Graffiti crew, DON of MAFIA crew and most members of The Fabulous 5 had stopped painting. For the most part throw-ups and quick straight letter pieces rendered in a limited color pallet were the rage. If not for DONDI, his crew and a small handful of others benching would have been pretty dismal.

DONDi's life an artist has been detiled in Dondi White Syle Master General by Andrew Witten aka ZEPHYR and DONDI's brother, Michael White

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