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Many people are of the misconception that New York City subway graffiti is dead. The movement still exists. On May 12, 1989 the MTA declared a victory over graffiti. The MTA set in effect a policy of removing all marked subway cars from service. The objective being no graffiti will run. This was the birth of what is known as the Clean Train movement.

Though the army smaller and the victories fewer the movement lives on. Continuing the tradition despite tremendous odds and low moral among their peers, these committed individuals battle on. Many of these writers bomb under the notion that walls, canvas, freights are second rate mediums and that the only "real graffiti" is on New York City subway trains. Many writers condemn the efforts of Clean Train writers, stating that its pointless to do work that will not run. This line of thinking does not discourage the Clean Train writer.

The participants range from, die hards who are unwilling to give up the war against the MTA to new writers who are too young to have experienced transit bombing to foreign writers making their pilgrimage to the birth place of aerosol art. It all seems to boil down to the thrill of it.

Displayed below art the works of SENT ONE, ADER, BRUZ, CYCLE, SWET and KEEPS.

Photo credits: AKS ONE, ADER, GHOST

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Sent Ader Bruz
Cycle Swet Keeps

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