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CBK, TF, MSD were three individual crews with very close ties. Most members were affiliated with all three crews. They frequently bombed together at the M Yard in Queens during the mid to late 1980s.

CITY's BADEST KIDS KEZ was the president.The main Members were: SCEEM aka SCE, UR (rip), FLOAT aka FL, RAVEN aka RVN, BS, YE, UE, MECK, STRES aka STR, SEE, POES, RES, The crew was mainly from the J line, centering around the Cypress Hills Street train station on the J line.

True Fame also known as The Family was an offshoot of CBK, sharing many of the same members and centered around the same neighborhood but eventually branching out farther across the city. The crew was originally started by FLOAT and STRES. FLOAT was the original president. The second president was STRES. Main members of TF were SWING aka SG, SEE, POES aka PO, NITRO aka NO, DINE aka DI,SKO now better known as MTV's DJ Scibble, SOT, PEMA aka WWone, DEMER aka DR and also had his own crew RSH - Rockin' Sh*t Hard.

Kez sceem Float
nitro BS sko

MSD was mainly a Bushwick, Brooklyn and Ridgwood, Queens crew centering around the M line from Myrtle Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue. The M Yard was a local hang out for the MSD crew. The original president was REC (rip) after which leadership was provided by SHOW (rip) aka SD as in SHOW DEE. The main members were SEPT, FKAY, DEAM, PNer, PEIL EK ZIM PEMA (WWone), POES, KEZ, PAID ONE, RA, IT, SEC, DENT, REM, BY4, TAPE and DG.

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