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The crew Crazy Ass Criminals also known as Crushing All Comp was active on the subway during the mid 1980s. The Crew started off on the streets of South Jamaica, Queens in 1981. It was founded by KZ 5 and EZ LG. Shortly after the crew was formed RAB became a member and would later function as the crew president. The crew dedicated much of their efforts to writing on subway car interiors. Original membership included SLAM (CAC vice president), DOLE aka PRINCE DOLE, DENER aka DN, KZ 5, EZ LG, DEMER, DESIRE and SURE. Subsequent membership included REEL, PYTHON, WEBSTER, FEMER aka FM, DAPE, KANGO, HP173, CHINO, YAZ and PRIZ.

More on CAC in the future.

PRIZ aka SWAN ONE interview conducted July 2001 by @149st

RAB interview conducted December 2001 by @149st

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