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BYB was formed in 1975 in the back of Brandeis High School in Manhattan. The crew was originally called the Brandeis Yard Boys. The Original members were students from Brandies High School and Intermediate School 44. Counted amoung them were DEAN, CAE, BIC, JINX 2, ABE, LOW, TAG, and GEAR ONE. Some of these members would hit trains in the future. BYB would grow to be one on New York City's most popular crews. They were mainly focused on bombing. Though they held All-City status, their work was most prevelant on the BMT and IND divisions. They were extremely effective on the RRs, Js, LLs, Ms, GGs Ds. In addition to standard piecing, they became famous for their throw ups and their domination of subway car interiors.The president of the crew DEAN aka KO aka LE was extremly prolific. He hit IRTs establishing a presence on the 1 and 3 lines. SLY 108 was very effective with his MC throw ups on the 6 line. The crew shared some members in common with famed crews such as the Three Yard Boys and The Crew (TC). Membership has included DEAN, GEAR, SCORCH 170, IO, SMOKE TKC, SEC, SON 1, COB, BIST, TAG MTA, CHAIN 3, PESO 131, TO 729 aka MICKEY, SMOKE aka YE, MEL aka IR, DS, KB, ROTO, SNAK, JEAN 13, JESTER, SLY 108 and others.

Excerpt from GEAR ONE interview conducted by SPAR ONE January 2000.

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Dean Gear Willie Don one
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